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Traditional schools train people to achieve specific goals, to integrate into an existing professional environment. It is based on individual excellence and competitiveness. The school of the future must prepare people to create their own professional horizon in a world that is rapidly changing and making many of the traditional teachings obsolete. This new education is based on collaborative thinking as opposed to individualistic competitiveness, it will encourage creativity and personal spiritual fulfillment as opposed to only material and professional achievements. It is a holistic approach to education not a traditional subject based curriculum. It focuses on relational information and practical experimentation not traditional theoretical knowledge. The school of the future needs to develop a new human being because the important question we ask is: who do we want to be? what kind of humanity do we want to prepare? As we answer these questions, we understand the need for a balanced approach between work and non-work, between the material experience and the spiritual and intangible component of living.

INTRODUCTION AT OES are here to experience yourself and your potential, you are here because u feel different and you wanna make some changes all around , you are here because you wanna learn how Love can trasform our manner to see life in general.If we succeed with you here, you'll be called a Social Entrepreneur after participating our course and your breakthrough at OES .You are young, old, already an Entrepreneur, but you wanna more and more and you know you can achieve it.Your Passion and intuition brought you here and I’ll try don’t disappoint you, anyhow all of this is a tentative from both sides, telling you to keep in mind this aspect every time you feel confuse and dizz, you will experienceing a lot of pressure, that’s the reason why you sign a social commitment before has been engaged at OES.We do not promise you anything than simple and authentic Truth. Hope All of you at this Course will be ready to face it. I wish you love and awareness... I’ll be part of your EDU journey here, so feel free to ask whatever you need to know while you be at the OES. Tomorrow we’ll need strong arms and multilevel intelligence minds, but most of all powerful hearts!

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Open Enterprise Space Global
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Laura Morán (Jun 11 2019)
Hola, somos del profesorado de geografía en San Martín, Mendoza. Tenemos qué hacer un proyecto sobre ustedes y necesitamos más información, desde ya muchas gracias!!
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