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The Tutorial School

400 Brunn School Road, Santa Fe, NM 87505, USA

The Tutorial School is a small, democratically run, student directed, alternative school. We emphasize self-reflection, sensitivity to others, respect, trust, self-motivation, relationship, and the ability to think for one's self.

The mission of The Tutorial School is to nurture in children confident self-determination, independent creative thought, and affective self-knowledge through the process of being responsible for one’s own education and sharing power in the governing of the school as an active member of the community.

"When realness includes a prizing, a caring, a trust and respect for the learner, the climate for learning is enhanced. When it includes a sensitive and accurate empathic listening, then indeed a freeing climate, stimulative of self-initiated learning and growth exists. The student is trusted to develop." Carl Rogers

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The Tutorial School The Tutorial School The Tutorial School The Tutorial School
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Teléfono: 1-505-988-1859

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Cantidad de personas / estudiantes: 0 a 30 personas

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¿Tiene fines de lucro?: Sin fines de lucro
¿Tiene reconocimiento oficial?: Con reconocimiento oficial

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Inicio de actividades: 1982

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