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MSLS Masters of Strategic Leadership towards Sustainability

Galgamarken-Trossö, Karlskrona, Sweden

MSLS is founded on the basic premise that a "whole-system", transdisciplinary approach is needed to deal with the sustainability challenge of meeting our society's needs today and into the future. The programme is delivered in a non-traditional educational setting with experiential and holistic learning methods. Two integrated streams are the focus: 1) a framework for strategic sustainable development; and 2) organisational learning and leadership required for sustainability decision-making.

By taking part in the programme, students will gain:

The scientific foundation and the practical skills for strategic planning towards a sustainable society using a "whole-system" approach;
Experiential learning from one of the leading nations in sustainability practice (Sweden);
Interaction with peers from diverse nationalities and professional backgrounds ;
Graduation into an active alumni network ;
Career paths as sustainability practitioners in business, academia, government, and community organisations.
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