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Quest to Learn

351 West 18th Street, Manhattan, NY 10011, USA

In 2006 the MacArthur Foundation turned their attention to the design of 21st century learning environments that would respond both to the needs of kids growing up in a digital, information-rich, globally complex era prizing creativity, innovation, and resourcefulness.

As part of this work, in spring 2007 New Visions for Public Schools joined forces with the Institute of Play, a games and learning non-profit, with an idea for a school that would use “game-like learning” as a way to empower and engage students from all walks of life.
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Quest to Learn (Q2L) is the result of this collaboration, and is specific in its focus on connecting rigorous student learning to the demands of the 21st century, supporting young people in their learning across digital networks, peer communities, content, careers, and media. Q2L stands for // Excellence in Teaching // Rigorous Academics/College Prep // Inquiry-based learning around real world challenges // Enhanced Literacy and Math instruction // After School programming supporting new media literacy and citizenship // Integrated Wellness curriculum // Culture of Kindness and Respect // 1-1 Laptop program // Daily Home Base advisory periods // Professional Trajectories // Internships // Early College Program // Students can earn college credits while in school // College Visits

Claudia (Mar 3 2015)
Muy bueno para la articulacion Escuela Secundaria-Universidad.
LUCERO (Mar 17 2016)
buenas tardes, me gustaría participar en su proyecto. Tengo la preparación y experiencia de 5 años laborando como docente en escuelas primarias. Tengo la licenciatura en Educación Primaria y la Maestría en Ciencias de la Educación Familiar.
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