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Brooklyn Free School

372 Clinton Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11238, USA

Brooklyn Free School is a New York State registered high school. The Brooklyn Free School is dedicated to the belief that all students must be free to develop naturally as human beings in a non-coercive educational environment and empowered to make decisions affecting their everyday lives and that of their community.
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Teléfono: +1 (718) 499-2707

Características del contexto

Tipo de Entorno: Contexto urbano
Nivel socio-económico: Clase baja
Cantidad de personas / estudiantes: 31 a 100 personas

Aspectos económicos

¿Tiene fines de lucro?: Sin fines de lucro
¿Tiene reconocimiento oficial?: Con reconocimiento oficial

Aspectos institucionales

Tipo de educación: Educación formal
Nivel educativo: Infantil o inicial | Básica o primaria |
Titulación: Entrega título oficial

Características del proyecto

It is a democratic, free school founded on the principles begun with Summerhill School in 1921, and adopted in one form or another by many schools in the late 1960's in the United States such as The Sudbury Valley School in Framingham, MA, and the Albany Free School in Albany, NY. The school has accepted students aged 5 through 15, and is serving students up to 18 years of age. Students are not segregated by age. There is no set curriculum except the establishment of an all-inclusive democratic system that runs the school, and the communication of that system to all members of the school.

Prácticas o acciones principales

There are no compulsory grades, assessments or homework. The students are in charge of their own learning and progress and are able to adequately assess themselves and perform any additional work or learning outside of the school that they want to in line with their interests. The school strives to provide a multi-disciplinary, reality-based/project-based and applied learning approach to further the student's understanding and appreciation of interests that they are pursuing. This includes the use of a varied and differentiated assortment of learning materials, supplies and resources, as well as frequent trips to visit individuals, organizations, businesses, and/or communities in the New York Metropolitan area that can enlighten and enrich students' understanding, knowledge and experience in a given area of interest. The school is independent, funded by tuition, grants, and individual contributions and donations and operates from September through June, as a day school, essentially mirroring the NYC public school calendar in most respects. The annual tuition is $17,000 per year for 2011-2012, with reduced tuition and payment options granted on the basis of need in conjunction with a tuition assessment and management service. The goal of the school in this area is to be open to all.

Más información

Brooklyn Free School is a charter member of the National Association of Independent Democratic Schools, an accrediting body that formed to advance the cause of true student directed and empowered educational programs in the United States.

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