The Solar Bus

Athens, Greece

The first open collegiate applying eduturism and "roadschooling" ... The realization that the tour may be one of the alternative and effective ways and means to learn, because it is an experiential process.
Website: https://www.facebook.com/iliakoleoforio
Email: closer91@yahoo.gr
Phone: 6980358038

Enviroment features

Kind of Context: Rural context | Urban context | Home context | Confinement context | Comunitarian context | Other |
Social economic level: Low Class
Quantity of persons / students: 0 - 30 people

Economical aspects

Is it for-profit?: Non-profit
Does it have official recognition?: Without official recognition

Institutional aspects

Kind of education: Informal education | Non-formal education |
Educative level: Early childhood education | Preeschool or kindergarden | Primary or elementary | Secondary or high school | Higher education | Adult education |
Degree: No official certification degree
Its a virtual project?: Blended
Start-up year: 2014

Project features

to foster learning practice through travel

Main actions or practices

The pedagogical objective of the program: -To Students acquire skills to be self-acting, taking initiatives and acting as conscious citizens in their local community and beyond in their country and their hosting sites. -To Realize their responsibility and their participation in the protection of man-built and natural environment. -To Realize that the management of natural resources should be rationally and sustainably. -To Obtain environmental-cultural awareness and change behavior as citizens of tomorrow. -To Understand the birth causes of the environmental and social problems. -To Understand and become familiar with the methods of investigation, analysis and processing of information related to our cultural heritage. Approach to folk culture. Get to know places that retain the identity of every landscape and resist cultural leveling. -To Realize that maintaining the traditional settlements and monuments of architectural heritage is an important part of world culture. -To Conceive and plan activities and actions to solve environmental problems and create prospects for sustainable development. ◗ Develop the spirit of volunteerism and participation in activities available for the protection of the built and natural environment. -Approaches available understanding and appreciation of folklore of every cultural tradition, to meet the creative elements left in place, producing visual art and ideology to demonstrate a respect for nature. - to Improve self awareness and their ability to protect the environment. Methods of Implementation Use and promote individual and group work with field-study sites of the urban landscape. Visits to the "field", critical and creative observation, photography, interviews, data collection, creating paintings with visual-artistic performances monuments and sites of historical and cultural significance, classification and recording format. Bibliographic search, indexing and correlation of relevant quotations with photographs, old and newer, online study programs relevant disciplines: Local and General History, Visual-Art Education, Exhibition of Ideas (description, narration, present their views with arguments), Physical Education : surfing-hiking as a means of learning and simultaneously. Experiential approach (Role Playing). The Educational Activities Visits to relevant places (landscapes of nature and culture of the country) for field work: observations, photographs, data logging). Collection of information materials and effort of classification. Photo of stone buildings and creating collection - photo album. Questionnaires to assess the progress of the program. Redefining goals. After the implementation and completion of treatment visits and activities of published material-posting on our website. Attempt writing short story or tale with theatrical elements and dialogues. Processing of data and preparation for the final presentation of the project

Theoric foundations

Eduturism by Jerry Michalski John Holt

Giorgos Doulgerakis (Oct 19 2015)
I'm profesor in science, in a public lyceum in Greece. My experience shows me that in a five days trip my students learn deeper than a year in classroom. I believe the ideas of the free school and I try with my students every year to make them oyr reality. I will continue to do this, but I want to work in free school. Please help me
Evangelos (Dec 19 2015)
Dear Giorgos, you are welcome to discuss this option with us if you email us at solarbuschooling@gmail.com
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